Brazil win 5 games in a row.

สมัคร UFABET

สมัคร UFABET Nayaram captained the Brazilian team to beat Uruguay 1-0 in a friendly game at the Emirates Stadium, London on Friday night.

National team football match at the Emirates Stadium Brazil sent Roberto Ferino, center forward goal coordinator Naymar and Douglas Costa net Uruguay with Edison. Kawasaki and Luis Suarez are hopeful.

The Brazilian is on the other side of the field, The captain of the team from the left lane over across the two columns, Edinane, Kawane narrowly narrow corner, Alissa, anal, brushed across the beam.

Fighting for the second half of the world championship 50 minutes, Luis Suarez blast free kick with the right. In the 74th minute, “Samba” scored a penalty. Diego Gallagal struck the ankle Danny back to the right flank. Neymar killed the lead 1-0.

Brazil finished the game 5 consecutive since Belgium was knocked out frame 8 final team 2018 World Cup in Russia. The past summer.

List of 11 real names
Brazil: Alessandro, Miranda, Mark Winch, Philippe Louise, Daniol, Valace, Renato Augustus, Arthur, Roberto Ferdinand. Nayaram, Douglas, Costa

Uruguay: Martin Chamam, Martin Caceres, Bruno Mendez, Diego Lucas, Matias Suarez, Lucas Rodrigo Benedict, สมัคร UFABETLuis Suarez, Edinay Cavani, Gaston Perero


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