“Ronaldo” topped the world’s most archaic followers.

สมัคร UFABET

สมัคร UFABET Cristiano Ronaldo, football superstar Portuguese national. It is the most powerful person in the world. The star of the Juventus team has 144.6 million followers, ahead of the singer and actress “Selena Gomez” who has been champion for over two years, with the fallow. Came close to 144.4 million people.

There are also reports that Ronaldo is the player who earns the most posts on the Instagram this year. By posting an Instagram one time, he pocketed £ 570,000, or about £ 25m, followed by £ 457,000, Lionel Messi, £ 381,000, David Beckham 228,000 pounds and Gareth Bale 141,000 pounds.

But if from all the world, Ronaldo’s income from advertising to post a picture on the Internet is one of the third in the world, second to Kyle Jenner, business model and reality star. Which earns as much as £ 762,000 and Selena Gomez is £ 610,000.

Top 10 Most สมัคร UFABET Influential Followers in the World

144.6 million Cristiano Ronaldo
144.4 million Selena Gomez
3. Ariel the Grande 132 million people
4. Kim Carnegie 120 million
5. Beyonce 119 million
6. The 119 million rockers
7. Kyle Jenner, 117 million people
8. Taylor Swift, 112 million
9. Naymar 104 million
10. Justin Bieber 102 million

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